There's no reason you can't be sure your best friend is enjoying their vacation while your enjoying yours. While you're out of town your pup can stay with us in         "The Beach House" or "The Cabin" in one of our luxury suites. While on vacation with us your pup will enjoy 5+ breaks outside for fresh air throughout the day and evening and a midday break to run around. We defuse essential oils at night to keep your pup relaxed during those nights away and to ensure they stay comfortable while with us. Your best friend can even take part in "Day Camp" at a discounted price to run and play with their friends or take advantage of a spa package while they're with us for some pampering. Food and water bowl are cleaned and sanitized after every meal and all guests that stay at the resort for 5 or more night receive a bath before they head home with you to be sure that you bring them home clean and refreshed from vacation

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Boarding at the resort