Hampshire Pet Resort and Spa has been a dream of our family for                             a long time. We rescued our first dog as a puppy on his way to the pound as a puppy and quickly realized that he needed a job and a place to play. The townhouse we lived in was closing in on him and he was chewing his way out. We found agility and eventually stumbled onto K9 Disc where our bond grew and grew as did my love for dogs and best of all, my buddy had a job that he loved. I learned to understand his needs for an active life and a proper diet. Our "pack" has gown over the years to include two more high energy rescues who are also "discdogs".  We found ourselves always looking for a safe place for them to play, so we decided to follow a dream and open a fun, interactive and clean facility                              that we think you'll find to be the perfect place for your best friend.

Pet Resort