For the families owned by these fur kids, this IS the reason you bring your four legged friends here. Let's face it, a tired dog is a good dog and with over 6,000 sf to run and play we promise you your best friend will get plenty of exercise while you're away.

First and foremost the safety of our family is crucial, which is why all guests must be up to date on shots and are evaluated for temperament and activity level prior to their first full day at the resort. Once evaluated and we find your pup is a good fit for day camp they will receive a complimentary 1/2 day at the resort so that we can monitor and assure they are with the right group based on energy levels and personalities.


Pet Resort


For the Dogs, this is the reason your pups love it at HPRS! A big reason we evaluate your pup before their first visit is to get a basic idea of the other dogs your pal will play with while they are here at Doggie Day Camp, which helps us ensure they make the most of their time here romping with their friends and rest assure there's plenty of fun with the staff as well to make sure their tales are wagging all day long!