Pet Resort

Safety, Fun & Exercise

          Safety, Fun and Exercise aren't the only reasons to bring your best friend to Hampshire Pet Resort & Spa though, DOGS NEED TO BE SOCIALIZED and they need to be socialized on an on going basis. Socialization should not end once your puppy grows into an adult. You can easily accomplish this at HPRS. Doggie Day Camp is a great place for your active breed to run, play and wear down their batteries, but also for your rescue to build confidence and your puppy to learn the right way to play with others.

           With Socialization through Safety, Fun & Exercise at Hampshire Pet Resort & Spa your best friend will be happy throughout the dog days of summer and those long midwest winters.

From the moment you check your pup into Hampshire Pet Resort & Spa, whether for boarding, grooming, training or day camp they become a member of our H.P.R.S. family. In our family we focus on 3 basic concepts.   

  • Safety
  • Fun
  • Exercise